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Joyful Sounds School of Music

Welcome to Joyful Sounds School of Music Where Music Has a Place in Every Life! We have four great programs for musicians from birth to beyond a hundred. Why not join us today? Now!JOYF-20100823A edit

  • Early Childhood Education: Discover the joy of introducing music to a young child through one of our early education music classes
  • Private Music Lessons: Improve your skills and further your musical ability with our Individual Music Lessons.
  • Group Piano Lessons: Improve your skills and technique while having fun with others! Piano lessons in a group setting for ages 5 and 6 are offered during the summer session only. Join our Email List to receive the latest, up-to-date information on group piano lessons or contact us.

Students can join at any time; tuition fees will be prorated accordingly, material fees will stay the same.

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